Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Gizmo for Christmas

If I may paraphrase the words of the immortal Buckwheat:

I got a smoker
I got a smoker
I got a smoker, hey hey hey hey!

It's a small one made to use indoors on the stove burners. Plenty big enough for Charlie and me. We've had smoked pork tenderloin and last night we had smoked vegetables. Both SO YUM. The smoker came with samples of four woods, and it's funny how there IS a difference. Of course, we already knew that from the fireplace and the wood-burning furnace.

Now my inner maniac is wondering if one could put some, oh, tobacco in a smoker and infuse the food with a fatal dose of nicotine. The headlines would read, TOBACCO IN SMOKER CAUSES DEATH and everybody would be going, "...Yes...."

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Lisa Hall said...

I must get one of these sometime!