Thursday, January 15, 2009

National Food Day: Strawberry Ice Cream

The thermometer when I got up this morning read -10 below zero, so Ice Cream is not the first food I'd choose today.

But according to the American Food Holiday calendar, today is Strawberry Ice Cream day.

Hey, who am I to ask questions?

Bundle up, get out the ice cream and enjoy. Brr!

* Try Emeril's fresh strawberry ice cream.

* Unusual - Strawberry Ice Cream with balsamic vinegar

* Too cold? Play it safe. This ice cream looks good enough to eat, although it's in miniature.


Lisa Hall said...

There's a local chain around here that has the BEST strawberry milkshakes. I may just have to get one this weekend!

Dana Fredsti said...

Dang...I only like strawberry ice cream if it's homemade, with real strawberries in it...