Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Masters and Disasters of Cooking

Today, I'm interviewing Carol Preflatish, one of my favorite foodie writers and author of the anecdotal cookbook MASTERS AND DISASTERS OF COOKING. I bought the book because I know Carol, but I keep it near me because the stories AND the recipes are great!

Carol, tell us about your cookbook. What's different about it?
What makes my cookbook different from many other cookbooks are the stories that accompany each recipe. I wrote this so others could see that it's okay to make mistakes while cooking. I still laugh at myself when I think about all of my disasters, like the 4-H project mentions above. I was making Banana Nut Bread and, of all things, I forgot to add the flour! That was definitely a do-over for my project.

My cookbook, "Masters & Disasters of Cooking" is a collections of humorous stories about some of my best and worst cooking experiences. It dates all the way back to when I was a pre-teen baking something for a 4-H project up to recent years.
What does your family think about it?
Many of the stories are about family events and my family has been pretty receptive about it. Almost all of them have a copy that I either gave them or they purchased themselves. My mother especially enjoyed reading some of the stories. She said she had forgotten about some of my experiences.
What's your favorite cooking story?
I think my favorite story in the book is the one where I thought I had poisoned my husband with a Chicken and Rice dish. We were newlyweds and I tried a new recipe out of a magazine and it didn't turn out so well. Bless his heart, he still ate it, but paid for it later. I still think the recipe was wrong in the magazine and I will stick to that forever.
Are you going to write a sequel?

I probably won't be writing a sequel. This book spans about 40 years of my life while learning to cook. I've improved and while I still make some mistakes, there aren't as many. Currently, I am in the early stages of a pizza cookbook. You'd be amazed how many different types and ways you can make a pizza. I also write romantic suspense and am working on getting published in that genre, too.

Something new this week is that "Masters & Disasters of Cooking" is now available in e-book format and can be ordered at http://www.lulu.com/content/1733122

I'd also like to invite everyone to visit my blog, Carol's Food Bites at http://carolsfoodbites.blogspot.com

Thanks for letting me interview you!
Thank you so much, Marian for interviewing me. I have enjoyed talking with you.
We all have moments of mastery and ... er ... disastery... in the kitchen. Carol has been brave enough and generous enough to share hers with the world. It's good stuff, believe me!



Dana Fredsti said...

This looks like so much fun! One of my favorite cook books is At Home in the Kitchen by the sadly now deceased Laurie Conwin (sp?) and my favorite thing about it was the stories that went along with the recipes. I look forward to reading this!

Gayle said...

The book sounds terrific! It might even make me feel better about my own cooking. And an entire cookbook devoted to pizza? Heavenly. :-p