Friday, January 16, 2009

Helping Reporters and Yourself

This post breaks from our food-related posts to talk about another aspect of our business, book/author publicity and promotion.

I just learned about this service yesterday and wanted to share it with you. sends you e-mails with requests from reporters. You can scan through the list to see if any of your specialities are needed. If so, you scroll down the page and get the full information, including the reporter's e-mail, whether or not there is a geographic requirement and deadline.

Here are some of the requests sent today:

#URGENT 0) Aviation bird strikes (Press of Atlantic City)

1) Out-of-work professionals find odd jobs (
2) Women Lawyers Rush To Work Part Time (Web site)
3) Credit Card Specialists & Retailers (
4) Biosolids Expert (Growing Magazine)
5) Need Professional Sources @ CPSIA Law (Blog)
6) SB owners and pricing strategies (Publication)

7) Pet Sitter Sources for Dealing w/ Death (Major Parenting Web Site)
8) Casting for Gen O Documentary (Documentary)
9) Local Politicians headed to Inauguration (Medill News Services)
10) Bankruptcy/Foreclosure (BlogTalkRadio)
11) Young Inventors (Blog)
12) Nonprofit/company partnerships (NonProfit Times)
13) Work-Life Balance & Self Assessment (Book/article)

14) Spring break ideas for families (parenting Mag)
15) Heinous Work Uniforms From Your Past (AOL
16) Bar/Lounge/Club Interior Design Trends (Food & Beverage Mag)
17) 'Heart-healthy' cake and cookie recipes (Blog)
18) Commute by Scooter in Hampton Roads, Va. (Lifestyle Mag)

19) US ITC patent complaints (IDG News Service)
20) SEO Experts for Podcast (Podcast)

21) Tips on Visiting New Orleans -Mardi Gras (Web site)

I'm off to see if I can offer any advice to any of these people with the byline Gayle Trent, work-from-home mom and author of the cozy mystery Murder Takes The Cake. ;-)


Dana Fredsti said...

Wow, what a unique and interesting and potentially useful link, Gayle!

Lisa Hall said...
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Lisa Hall said...

I'll have to explore this link.

sherrystar said...

I just happened on this site because I was told Sunny Frazier was featured. I've recently met her and she has been a tremendous help to me in teaching me different ways to promote my 3 books.

I belong to Peter Shankman's list HARO (Help A Reporter Out). I found several items of interest to me and one of the reporters actually called me to interview me. The interview has nothing to do with my books but rather is about grandparents relocating to be near their grandchildren.

My itsy bitsy interview is supposed to be online on the Christian Science Monitor either Monday Jan 26th or Tuesday Jan 27th. It was a pleasure to Help A Reporter Out. What a great idea.

Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis