Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fire in My Kitchen

This weekend, there was fire in my kitchen, and it was very thrilling! My last post mentioned a fondness I have for kitchen gadgets. Most are tame and practical, but I received one device for Christmas that makes me feel dangerous, and even a bit sexy in the kitchen.
I got a butane torch to make the crackled sugar atop creme brulee. I felt like such a little kitchen rebel, pouring gas into the torch, undoing that childproof latch, and turning that flame loose!
Thinking that it would turn him on beyond belief, my husband was forced to watch my pyrotechnics. The tiny device and the tinier flame didn't exactly conjure up images of Jennifer Beals' character in Flashdance. Remember, she was the hot welder/dancer who had us all wearing cut-up sweatshirts in the 80's. Maybe I'll go for the big show this week and try to flambe' something!


Gayle said...

You are truly a wild thing, Lisa! :-)

Dana Fredsti said...

HAh! That's hysterical, Lisa... This may be my favorite of your posts yet!

Lisa Hall said...

Maybe I should have worn a welder's mask for more effect!

Cayla Dupont said...

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