Monday, December 8, 2008

Writing Block Blah

Okay, I have writer's block and no appetite. This past weekend was an exercise in frustration - my derrier was in my rocking chair (my favorite place to write) for hours at a time, my iBook perched on top of a flat pillow, which is my writing desk. Yet barely anything of worth was produced. Probably the WORST writing weekend I've had in ages.

To make matters worse, the stress caused by the lack of productivity affected my appetite. Not that I didn't eat, but nothing sung to me. I usually get my inspiration from something I read or eat as far as my posts for Fatal Foodies. And I usually have definite ideas about what sounds good to me for any given meal. This weekend, however, I was one of those annoying people who, when asked if I was hungry and if so, what did I want, just whined, "I don't know...maybe. I don't know, nothing really sounds good." Dave would make suggestions, I'd wrinkle my nose and scowl at him. We did manage to make it through a weekend of meals without him killing me and we did, in fact, enjoy splitting an Irish breakfast at The Bashful Bull Diner on Taravel and 46th. An Irish breakfast consists of eggs, country potatoes or hash browns, Irish sausage, Irish bacon and black & white pudding with a side of toast. We are both black and white pudding addicts, not a good thing as it's lousy for one's arteries. But oh, so tasty...

I did have some truly magnificent pumpkin fudge at the Sisters in Crime Board Meeting (I'm the new Events Coordinator for SinC NorCal), but no recipe to offer as it was purchased at a craft store and the fudge maker was not at the meeting. But oh, it was good... It almost had the texture of a really good pumpkin pie and was fudge. I've never had anything like it before.

At any rate, I am a Fatal Foodies Fuddy Duddy today. Devoid of appetite and inspiration. I ask my fellow Fatal Foodies and readers, what do you do when you have a: writer's block and b: can't figure out what you want to eat?


I just got an email from M is for Mystery, a great bookstore in San Mateo, and look at this excerpt:

Do you have a mystery lover and cook on your gift list? We have two cookbooks -- 'A Taste of Murder' and 'A Second Helping of Murder,' both with lots of impressive autographs -- that celebrate the connection between detective fiction and food. They include more than 130 recipes each, many of which pay homage to the authors' characters (Marcia Muller - Sharon McCone's Garlic Bread, and C.J. Box - Pickett's Mad Scramble Breakfast) and they range from the gourmet (Elizabeth George - Rigatoni Puttanesca) to the true beginner (Robert B. Parker - Susan Silverman's Boiled Water). This is a very reasonably priced gift, especially considering the many signatures of authors whose characters are honored by recipes. A list of the more than two dozen signatories, and the illustrated dustjackets, are posted on the Web version of our Dec. Newsletter. Just scroll a bit and stop at the heading "A Taste of Murder for Christmas!" Go to: (The usual mantra applies: Supplies are limited.)

I just had to share this...


Marian Allen said...

Besides whine, you mean?

When I can't decide what I want to eat, I don't eat anything if I'm not hungry. If I am hungry, but still don't have a "taste" for anything, I'll cram in a bowl of cereal or a bowl of chicken-flavored Ramen or cheese on crackers.

When I'm stuck on a writing project, I poke around on another writing project, or read, or do a cryptic crossword or take a nap or pout. Cooking is a good outlet. If nothing sounds good to me, I can always cook something for my husband or my mother.

But mostly I whine.

Dana Fredsti said...

Yes, besides whine. :-) I already covered that method of coping...

Pouting was also tried. And I cooked a pot of pasta, which was quite tasty, although I didn't savor it the way I normally would.