Friday, December 12, 2008

The Writer's Planner

Last year I fell in love with the American Girl planner. It was filled with articles, tips and all the little things girls might like. I wished there was a planner like that for writers, but a Web search assured me there was not. So I made one. The Writer's Planner is filled with articles, pictures, quotes, a submission tracker, a TBR list and a page for websites and passwords. The planner is designed so that you fill in the dates yourself so you can start anytime you'd like. There are also URLs for writing and promotion sites. I could have chosen simply to work within the e-book format, but I find I do better when I have a hard copy in front of me. So I printed The Writer's Planner out, put it into a three-prong folder, and I'm ready to go. You can be, too. You can a) order The Writer's Planner here ( or you can win a copy by e-mailing me ( with THE WRITER'S PLANNER in the subject line. The contest will go from now until next Friday. Next Friday, I will draw a name from all the contestants who have entered. Good luck!


Marian Allen said...

I entered! Hoorah!

Donis Casey said...

What a good idea.

Virginia said...

Thanks...the planner sounds great and I entered. I'll have to spring for it if I don't win!