Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sumpin FASS

As a service to people rushed off their feet and invited to more parties than they can deal with, here is a really really quick and easy recipe that is also really really good.

Corn Salsa
  • can of corn or frozen equivalent defrosted

  • can of black or red beans

  • salsa of whatever strength and quantity you like

  • tortilla chips for scooping

Drain corn, beans, and salsa of excess liquid. Put them all together and serve with chips. Good cold, room temperature, or heated.

You have to drain this puppy, or it ends up swimming in liquid. If you have more time, you can layer corn tortillas, the mixture, shredded cheese and repeat, then bake it for a casserole.

Another tried and true one:

Bean and Cheese Dip
  • can of chili beans in sauce

  • 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese -- or Velveeta (processed cheese spread), if you prefer

  • heavy-duty dipping chips or sliced French bread

Heat chili and cheese until cheese is melted. Dip chips into it or spoon it over bread.
Hmmm.... Why is it always vegetarian? Why is it always Tex-Mex? I am not vegetarian, nor Texan nor Mexican....


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Dana Fredsti said...

Sigh...I love dips. Fattening, yummy, waistline busting dips.