Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Country Ham...No Thank You Ma'am!

The holiday season is bringing up an issue that is awkward for me to admit. It is just another weird characteristic added to my collection of quirks. It is particularly embarrassing because I’m a southern girl. After I make my confession online, I fear I’ll be banished to a location north of the Mason Dixon Line. It is with a great deal of shame that I share my shortcoming. I CANNOT EAT COUNTRY HAM!
Don’t freak out just yet! I did not say that I don’t like country ham. I just can’t eat it. I love the taste. Here’s the thing. It makes me sick. Country ham makes me physically ill! I’m talking severe headaches and vomiting. If my reaction were any less violent, I swear I would partake of the ham and suffer the consequences.
The first time I suffered from a country ham induced malady, was on the day after Christmas, in the year 2000. After that, I tested my luck a few more times, eating just a little country ham, and hoping for no ill effects. My hopes were dashed time after time, when my country ham encounters left me vomiting over the toilet and rubbing my aching temples.
Consulting with those in-the-know has led me to believe that the nitrates in country ham trigger a migraine for me, which leads to nausea. While I accept this explanation and the limitations my condition places on me, it is often hard to explain to others.
This Christmas season, and all of the eating opportunities will surely lead to a country ham situation that will require an explanation. I only hope that my host or hostess will be understanding.
If posting this confession leads anyone to revoke my Southern Girl Membership Card, I have relatives in Cincinatti, which we consider "The North". So, if my next post is about Cincinatti's famous Skyline Chili or Graeter's Ice Cream, ya'll know what happened!


Dana Fredsti said...

Lisa, I share your pain and your reaction to ham. I love it, but it gives me an almost instant migraine. YOu are not alone, sistah!

Gayle said...

Oddly, ham doesn't bother me but hot dogs are a migraine trigger for me.