Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cookies!

It's been Christmas for weeks in retail-land and everyone has been trying to get people to part with their money earlier. Pushing Santa in before the Halloween merchandise was gone didn't work, however. One week to go and the economy has a lot of people saying, Bah, humbug.

There is one way to make the season bright, however. Make Christmas cookies! Okay, so none of us really need the calories. But with so much doom and gloom broadcast on the news each night, who couldn't use a smile?

So, gather up the kids and grandkids, get the spouse off the couch. Get out the cutters and ingredients. Sprinkle on sugar. Laugh at the goofy-looking reindeer cookie. Chuckle about Santa's lopsided beard. Make some Christmas cookies and have fun.

Eat without guilt. Enjoy!

Here are some Christmas cookie recipes to try:


* Chocolate Kisses

* Cookies Kids can make - Gingerbread garland

* Candy Cane cookies

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Dana Fredsti said...

As I mentioned in my comment on Gayle's article, I plan on baking cookies on Christmas Day!