Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter Soup

My last event for 2008, the 4th Annual Authors & Auction, went very well last Sunday.  That's me, standing behind author J.M. Hayes, who is talking to

author  Nancy E. Turner. Over 100 people showed up, we sold a lot of books, auctioned off a lot of nifty stuff for a good cause, and ate ourselves silly on chocolate fondue and cakes of every variety.  Now that the appearances are in abeyance until January, I hope very much to get back to the business of writing, cooking, and generally living a more structured life for a while.

I loved the cookie recipes and the snowy day thoughts from the previous blogs.  Makes me nostalgic for cozy, snowy weather, a fireplace, hot chocolate and a fuzzy sweater.  No snow here.  Today’s high was eighty-five degrees.  Of course, as we say in Arizona, you don’t have to shovel sunshine, so I’ll content myself with my romantic childhood memories of winter. 

All this doesn’t mean that I don’t make plenty of winter comfort foods.  I am particularly fond of soup at  this time of year.  Day before yesterday, I made one of my old standbys, potato-carrot soup, which couldn’t be easier or tastier or more nutritious.  I chopped up two small potatoes, two large carrots, half a large onion, and a couple of cloves of garlic and boiled them until soft in about two cups of vegetable broth.  Then I blended it all, stirred in milk until it was the consistency I like, then returned it to the fire until it was hot.  Serve it with a nice roll, and yum!

We had quite a bit left over, which I used last night as the base for more soup.  I use whatever I have to create something different, so last night I just chopped up another small potato and some more onion and garlic, put it in the leftover pureed soup, added a little water, and cooked until the new ingredients were done.  Didn’t blend it.  It was sort of an oniony potato soup with a nice gold color and a wonderfully creamy consistency.

One of the best winter soups is posole.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  As the Christmas season nears, the traditional thing to do here in the great American Southwest is to eat lots of posole and make tamales for Christmas.  Since I’ve carried on long enough, I’ll give you Dear Readers my posole recipe next week, and we can all look forward to tamales in December.


Dana Fredsti said...

I love a good winter 'comfort food' soup. It's getting cold enough here to enjoy them too!

Gayle said...

Chocolate and books - does it get any better than that? My mom was talking about making homemade soup yesterday. I suggested potato. She makes a really good potato soup and cornbread. Yummy!