Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow Days and Sweet Surprises

Actually, that title is a little redundant. Snow days are usually sweet surprises, at least for children. I don't think my husband was very thrilled this morning as he trudged out to sweep off the truck, especially since he's had a bear of a cold this week.

I took my jug of rock salt out early this morning and salted the sidewalk all the way to the mailbox and back. Ordered packages are due to arrive, and I don't want the mailman to fall and 1) hurt himself, 2) break whatever goodies are in the packages, and/or 3) sue us. That last one is the result of working too many years for lawyers and judges.

Alas, there were no packages in the mail, but there was a sweet surprise. I had a letter from Guideposts' Senior Editor Elizabeth Kramer Gold. She reminded me that several years ago, Guideposts published a book called Their Mysterious Ways: Amazing Stories About God's Animals and Us and included my essay "The Gatekeeper." The letter was requesting the right to reprint the essay in a new gift version of that book titled Angels in Disguise: When God Sends Animals to Comfort Us to be released next Fall.

I'm excited. I'll get paid for the article again, I'll get a copy of the book, and I was reminded today of the essay I wrote about the best dog I ever had--a St. Bernard named Duke. He was great.

I have macaroni and three types of cheeses in the crock pot. I'm thinking about making pumpkin bread and brownies (and freezing the pumpkin bread for next week). And I'm playing Justice League Heroes with my children.

Don't tell my husband, but snow days rock. ;-)

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Dana Fredsti said...

Congrats on the essay reprint, Gayle!

I have never experienced a snow day...but it sounds excellent!