Monday, November 3, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I am a total foodie and I love my food and wine and enjoy all the subtleties of the various combinations betwixt the two. However...there are times when I crave something very basic.

Hot bread with butter or olive oil. Nothing more, nothing less.

Bread. The evil of evils, according to the likes of Atkins and all other proponents of low/no carb diets (which I have followed in the past).

Hot bread.

Fresh bread.

In the case of this evening, half baked seeded sourdough bread from Trader Joe's, requiring 10- 15 minutes in the oven to bring it to crunchy crusted, soft and chewy interiored perfection.

I served it with a choice of Earth Balance organic buttery spread (it tastes much better than the name would indicate) or San Pietro olive oil, a rich, nutty, buttery flavored oil from Italy. Expensive, yes. But when it comes to olive oil, the occasional splurge is SO worth it. And it's good for you too.

That was it for dinner. We'd had leftover pasta (in bat and jack-o-lantern shapes) for lunch and weren't really all that hungry. So a few slices of hot bread and a glass of really nice pinot noir was just the thing.

Okay. TWO glasses of pinot noir.

At any rate, I am satiated and content. It just doesn't get much better.


Marian Allen said...

Oh, Dana, my husband and I are all about bread! I got this book called ARTISAN BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY, and we pretty well keep all breaded up. Mmmmmmm.... And hot fresh bread in olive oil loaded with salt, pepper and freshly grated Parmesan cheese can't be beat. Unless it's hot fresh bread, cheese, chianti and fruit. Oh, my....

Dana Fredsti said...

Dang it, Marian, now I'm drooling... :-)