Saturday, November 8, 2008

Queen Creek

I want to thank Gayle for the lovely prizes I won by Trick or Treating on her site.  I’ve already polished off the chocolate and I am eagerly looking forward to reading Murder Takes the Cake.  How lucky am I?

Today is the last day for Trick or Treating on my site, Dear Readers, so don’t miss the opportunity to go over to and leave me a comment before tomorrow.  You’ll get a really fun recipe, and be automatically entered in a drawing to win a copy of my upcoming release, The Sky Took Him.

I will be signing copies of all my books today from 10 am until 2 pm at the grand opening of the Queen Creek Library in Queen Creek Arizona, which if you are not familiar with Arizona and have never been there, wouldn’t you love to go there just to see what a place called Queen Creek looks like?  I’ve seen the new library, and it is pretty cool.  So if any of you happen to be in the vicinity, drop by.  They are doing a whole carnival, and including several Arizona authors in the festivities, which is quite an appropriate thing for a library to do.  I’ll not only be signing books, but taking the opportunity to get rid of all my extra Halloween candy by handing it out to anyone who walks by.


Dana Fredsti said...

I need to come up wiht a plan to get rid of our excess candy too... very clever, Donis!

Gayle said...

You're welcome, Donis! Hope your book signing was a rousing success. :-)