Sunday, October 5, 2008

When Blood Sugar Levels Go Bad

My boyfriend and I wanted a nice, no-stress dinner tonight. Something yummy, not too expensive, never mind the calories. We're going on a four day Bloat Busting program tomorrow (courtesy of Prevention Magazine) and tonight we live it up.

However we both made the mistake of letting our blood sugar get dangerously low while shopping for our four day 'Bye Bye Belly' detox. So by the time we got home and started the discussion about what, precisely, to order for dinner...well, it hasn't been pretty. We finally decided on Thai food - inexpensive and tasty. Our favorite Thai place is closed Sundays. We looked for an alternative. Found one that delivers near bye, a decent selection of food and we both found something on the menu we wanted (which at times is a minor miracle if our taste buds are set on different ethnic cuisines).

Dave called and said, "Hi, I'd like to place an order for delivery." There was a pause, then he said, "I see. Thanks." He hung up the phone and said, 'They don't deliver."

We both look at the menu where, in big letters at the bottom, it says "Free Delivery on orders over $15."

After another search through our menu collection, during which no other type of food struck either of our fancies except for sushi, which is expensive, we decided to suck it up, place the order and Dave would pick it up. He called back, gave them the order and started to give his credit card number. Another pause. "Cash only? Okay."

We had no cash. So it now involved a trip to an ATM first. At least, upon another inspection of the menu, it did specify cash only.

So he's off to pick up the food and I'm trying to write, both of us cranky and hungry. The moral of this story is to never let one's blood sugar fall below a certain level. If ever a fatality will occur in this house, you'll know why.

All I gotta say is the Thai food better be REALLY good.


Gayle said...

It's really bad, too, when that blood sugar level has bottomed out and you have to cook! :-)

zhadi said...

Heh...when my blood sugar level is as low as it was yesterday, it's a bad idea to ask me to choose from a menu. I just sit there and growl...