Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Almost Halloween!

I am about to go into crazy, full-on Halloween mode! My house is decorated. Calli has her costume. The assembly of treat bags has begun. Next week, I'll be dipping apples in caramel, carving a pumpkin, making a giant veggie tray for my daughter's pre-school party, attending a Trunk-or-Treat at my church, and of course, trick-or-treating.

With all the activities going on, I am thankful to have found a couple of really cute ideas for simple Halloween-themed dinners. The first is for Mummy Dogs. They're weiners wrapped in crescent roll dough. If you look at this site, it shows how to make them look like cute little mummies.

The second recipe is for Cheddar Witch's Fingers. These are a savory, crispy snack that I think will be really good with a bowl of soup.

These recipes would be super-fun to make for a scary movie night or open-house on Halloween night.


zhadi said...

I'm telling ya, the time I really regret NOT having kids is during the holidays, especially Halloween. My friend, who is a nanny, has been regaling me with stories of her Halloween prep!

Gayle said...

Borrow your friend's charges, Dana! Tell her Friday is Assist-A-Nanny day. It's so precious when they're in preschool and go trick-or-treating. Our preschool took them to local businesses who were waiting for them with great treats. :-)

And, Lisa, I want to come trick-or-treat at YOUR house!