Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Food

With Halloween around the corner, I can't resist sharing some unique recipes.

Okay, I admit that I usually don't mind the gross stuff though creating it in miniature makes it less unappealing it seems. (Photo: Halloween feast, C. Verstraete photo.)

There are some fun Halloween recipes out there, which will give you all kinds of ideas for that next party.

There are tons of cute Halloween cakes you can make. Then there is the gross stuff...

How about the famous Kitty Litter Cake? Supposedly it's good though, gee, bet you can't wait to dig in, right?

Well, I think I found something to beat that. I won't picture it here, as well, it's pretty disgusting.

Curious? Check out this recipe for a Thorax Cake WARNING: Not for the timid or weak stomachs.

Happy Halloween!


Gayle said...

Eeeewwwww! The kitty litter cake looks so disgusting I didn't dare check out the thorax. ((shudder))

Lisa Hall said...

I checked out the thorax. It's GROSS, but cool!