Monday, October 20, 2008

Detox and MUFAs

As in a dietary detox. Not like a Betty Ford Clinic stay type of detox. Just wanna make that clear from the get go here! Although I did cut out all caffeine, sugar and alcohol (that's right. NO WINE) for the four day duration.

This particular detox is called the 4 Day Anti-Bloat and goes in conjunction with Prevention Magazine's new and highly touted Flat Belly Diet plan, which includes a MUFA (monounstaturated fat) with every meal. Think olives, olive oil and other MUFA rich oils, nuts, avocado. Rich, yummy and satisfying. However before you start the 1600 calorie a day based program (chock full of REALLY good foods), it's recommended that you jump start the process by doing the detox, which includes brown rice, pumpkin seeds, prunes, chicken, applesauce, deli turkey, tomatoes, a few other things, including lots of what they call Sassy water. Sassy water is basically water infused with mint leaves, lemons, cucumber and fresh ginger and is, despite the cutesy name, really yummy. It's not a lot of food and the first two days were kind of hellish, but by the fourth and final day, I never felt hungry. I saw definite results and we've kept the Sassy water as regular part of our diet. Eight cups of water, 1 medium cucumber (sliced and peeled), one medium lemon (sliced thin), a tsp. of freshly grated ginger and 10 mint leaves. Put it all in a pitcher, leave it over night and drink up!

Right after the detox was over, I noticed more than a glass of wine made me feel kind of icky. I didn't want too much to eat, but what I did have tasted SO good just because it was a change from the menu listed above. I almost immediately came down with a nasty cold, which pretty much killed my appetite for a week, but now it's back and I'm enjoying the MUFA rich diet laid out by Prevention. This morning, for instance, I made breakfast sandwiches with whole grain English muffins, Egg Beaters (did you know you can nuke this in a bowl and have a disk of cooked egg perfect for Egg McMuffins?), homemade black olive tapenade (the MUFA), Lite Provolone cheese, and turkey bacon. It tasted about as decadent as anything I've ever had. I mixed a little of the tapenade into the egg beaters before nuking it and spread a bit on the muffins themselves.

I came up with the tapenade recipe out of the need to find a cheaper option than the store-bought tapenades (even though Trader Joe's does have excellent prices, I am drawing those budget strings even tighter). They sell black olives for 1.19 per can and one can, chopped up finely, mixed with a bit of high quality olive oil and then seasoned with lemon pepper, black pepper, 21 Season Salute, cumin, oregano, basic and garlic powder makes the same amount as a jar of $3 tapenade. We eat a lot of it and that's almost two bucks saved to go towards things like cat food, of which we go through even more of...or rather, our cats do. We don't eat catfood.
Just like to clarify these things.

I am now drinking a large glass of Agua de Sass. I recommend it highly whether you want to detox, diet or just have a tasty alternative to plain water.

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