Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why is it...

Why is it that some foods taste better depending on where you eat them? For instance:

Clam chowder is best eaten from a bread bowl at Fisherman's Wharf or out on the sand at Pismo Beach.

Hamburgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob ALways taste better eaten outside fresh off the grill. The same food eaten inside just doesn't taste the same.

Ice cream is always best eaten outside as it's dripping down a cone or melting in its cup.

I don't know if it's because I associate particular foods with childhood experiences when everything seemed to taste bigger, better and just plain yummier. Picnics on the beach were always memorable. Even the grit of sand in my teeth added to the flavor of hot dogs roasted over a fire pit. We would get buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken (back when it was good and before it became known as KFC), boxes of Lemon Cooler cookies and Bugles (did any one else put Bugles on all ten fingertips and pretend to be Fu Manchu?), all washed down with cans of cold Shasta Tiki Punch soda. You can't find Tiki Punch any more...probably just as well since it was pure sugar. But OH it was so tasty...

We went to a picnic at Stern Grove yesterday and had hamburgers and hot dogs cooked on a grill. My appetite was revved up the second I smelled the coals and aroma of grilled meat. Which is what started me reflecting on this topic in the first place.

Chocolate? Okay, exception to the rule. Good any time and any place you're craving it.


Gayle said...

"Did any one else put Bugles on all ten fingertips and pretend to be Fu Manchu?"

I did not. I did, however, put Bugles on all ten fingertips and pretend to be a lion, a witch (but no, not a wardrobe). ;-)

Thanks for bringing back the memories, Dana.

Lisa Hall said...

I used to bite the small end off Bugles, and used them as a little megaphone.

zhadi said...

Hah! Bugles are a constant in all of our childhoods!

Gayle said...

I also tried to play my Bugles like kazoos. I was weird. ;-)