Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pre-School Lunch

Yesterday was a monumental day for my family. Calli started preschool. I'm trite, hovering, and pathetic when I say "I can't believe it's time to send her to school!" She only goes 2 days a week from 9:00 until 1:30, but still....IT'S SCHOOL AND SHE'S MY BABY!!!! As you can see by the photo, Calli wasn't quite so bummed!
Luckily, Calli loved her first day of preschool, and everything that led up to it. This included picking out her new lunchbox, and helping me plan what to pack. On a recent trip to Target, she chose an adorable "Hello Kitty" lunchbox, and a matching ice pack.
On another trip to Target (our favorite store), Calli spotted some really cute thermoses that looked like big Crayola crayons. She allowed that she needed one for hot cocoa and soup when the weather turns cold.
Finally, Calli and I determined her menu for day 1:
peanut-butter and jelly sandwich (cut into a round shape with this neat Pampered Chef product that cuts off crusts and seals the edges of the sandwich)
yogurt parfait (vanilla yogurt, blueberries, and crumbled granola bar)
When Calli we got home, I checked her lunchbox. She'd eaten her sandwich, part of her rasins, most of her parfait and a few of her pretzels. For a child who tends to graze, rather than eat a whole meal in one sitting, I thought that it was a pretty successful lunch. Better still, the whole day was very good. I can only hope and pray that lunches, show-and-tell, field trips, and all the other new things she'll do this year continue to be fun and exciting.


Marian Allen said...

Hello Kitty! --SQUEEEEEEEEAL!-- I LOVE Hello Kitty! My poor youngest daughter, who loved dinosaurs and cars, also had quite a collection of Hello Kitty gear. We both knew it was all for Mom, but she pretended she liked it so I could buy it "for her" in good conscience. She confessed this to me later. Children are often more insightful--and kinder--than they're given credit for.

Calli's preschool lunch was inspired: fun, delicious, fancy and "secrickly" nutritious. Secrickly is the way our #3 daughter used to say "secretly". She wanted me to watch her practice her dance lessons, but it made her nervous for anybody to watch her, so she asked me to sit on the couch and pretend to read a book but to secrickly watch her.

Ah, memories of the children when they were small.... Thank you. :)

Lisa Hall said...
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Lisa Hall said...

Wonder how long it will be before Calli tries to trade healthy stuff in her lunch for candy? Right now, she says that she wants to take the same lunch to school everyday.
First day of preshool will always be a very sweet memory. Calli woke up saying "I'm so exicited!"

Lisa Hall said...
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Gayle said...

I want to come have lunch with Calli! :-) Do that soon - it's a blast. Once when I was having lunch with Lianna and Nicholas, they were talking with their friends (this was Kindergarten, mind you) so the little boy across from me struck up a conversation. His opening: "Are these the only two you have?" I said, "Yes. Do you have any?" He shook his head. "Nah. I've got a little brother, though." To this day, I still love that kid.

David Fitzgerald said...

Awwwww....what a little cutie!!! I loved this post 'cause it made me remember my own childhood (I don't have kids, so never sent one of my own off to school) and the fun of seeing what was in the lunch box!

zhadi said...

Oh, btw, I'm David Fitzgerald. or rather, he's my boyfriend and every now and again his Gmail acount is up when I get on the computer and I forget to switch accounts. d'oh!!