Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good, Gory Food. Brains anyone?

Bear with me. I like Halloween. I get a kick out of creepy stuff and love getting scared at Haunted House attractions.

I'm known to make some pretty creepy foods myself, although they are in miniature and not edible.

Yum, we'll start the course with an interesting plate of eyeballs. Here's looking at you, kid! ha!

The main courses from an incredible site a friend to me of assorted
Halloween foods
. I was amazed. I thought I'd seen most of the sites, but this one is excellent. Warning: if you don't like bloody, gory stuff, don't look!

While I don't make this stuff in real life - though I might try to tempt my sister if she has a Halloween party this year - I do like to get new ideas for miniature foods. I've wanted to make a realistic looking miniature heart so this site is perfect!

** Your Turn: Do you make creepy foods for Halloween parties? What have you made? Have a photo to share?


zhadi said...

LOVE IT!! Halloween is my favorite holiday and those recipes are just amazing. I don't have any particular ones for our household, but may have to start a tradition. I remember being reallky freaked out when I was a kid by the haunted houses that had the 'feel the witch's eyeballs and brains' (peeled grapes and jello) stations...

Gayle said...

Last year I threw a Halloween party for "the kids" (hey, I'm a kid. . . sort of). Two of the most well-received treats were the "ghost poo" and the "monster feet." I would put a picture of the table here, but I can't because I am challenged in that dept. There is a picture of the decorated table at Daphne's site, though, and that is at The monster feet were simply cookies cut with a foot cookie cutter, iced and sprayed with green frosting. I added green sprinkles and candy corn "toenails." The "ghost poo" was basically peanut butter balls rolled in white chocolate. Really tasty, and the kids LOVED the name. Thanks, Chris, for sparking this discussion!