Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food Fatalities

This past Sunday, straight-line winds of up to 75 miles per hour roared through the Ohio River Valley. We lost power, along with at least 300,000 fellow citizens. We still don't have power.

We lost some trees and some tree limbs, but we're lucky that nothing fell on our houses, selves, cars or pets. The main loss is food--which is sad, in itself. We were able to eat up most of our leftovers, and our freezer is still cold, but there's a lot of food in the cabinet that used to be our refrigerator that will never manifest its destiny. We gave some of the cooked meat to the dog, and we'll probably give him some of the cheese--considering what dogs eat when they think you aren't looking, we're not too worried about his digestion--but the rest has to go.

We've learned some things about food safety in the past few days. We've been told that bad food doesn't always smell bad. We've learned that, even loaded with preservatives, there's only so long you can trust food to be safe. We've learned that there's something in our refrigerator that smells really funky. Not BAD, exactly, just... strange. I suspect it's the large container of bread dough. I wish I had thought to take it to my Mom's (she has a gas stove) and cook it before it got so interesting.

Oh, well. You know what? Every food disaster is good for the compost pile. If the dog doesn't dig it up and eat it first. Luckily, chocolate doesn't spoil.


Gayle said...

Hi, Marian: I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a similar thing happen one winter. The power went out, and we had to go stay with my mom and dad. When I went back home, all the meat in the freezer had thawed and "bled" everywhere. My kitchen looked like a crime scene. I cried so hard as I was cleaning up that mess because everything in the refrigerator--and all the money it had taken to fill it up--had been wasted. Hang in there. And try not to resent your extremely happy dog! ;-)

Lisa Hall said...

We had a freezer go bad this summer. Our dog wound up getting steaks and burritos for a couple of days. It's disheartening to have food go bad!

zhadi said...

Hey, Marian,

I've had fridges die in the dead of summer and had to wait several days for the repairman to arrive, so I so feel your food fatality pain. I remember we had a cook-out the first night and bbq'd everything that could be grilled...and yes, our dog and cats feasted mightily!