Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chocolate Mousse for Dieters

I am a huge lover of decadent chocolate desserts. I would be less huge (or at least a size or two smaller) if I ate less of them. But life is too short to be in constant denial mode (unless you're a monk or a member of some other religious order that thrives on that sort of thing).

I love things made with butter, cream, rich Belgian chocolate. But that doesn't mean I won't accept healthful alternatives...provided they're yummy.

So try this recipe (tested by yours truly and given two chocolate thumbs up on my personal Yummy Meter) next time you want a rich chocolate treat, but feel the strain in your waistband:

Non-fat plain yogurt, Greek style recommended for richness
2-4 squares dark chocolate (I use chocolate with 70% cocoa solids)
A squirt of Agave syrup or honey, depending on your taste

Melt the chocolate with the honey or syrup in a coffee mug. Add cup of yogurt. Stir until well blended. Enjoy an unexpectedly rich and decadent treat!


Lisa Hall said...

Sounds easy and good. Almost no guilt with this one! I love a really frothy mousse.

Marian Allen said...

Okay, as soon as we get our new refrigerator and I re-re-stock it, I am totally going to make this!

zhadi said...

Trust me, it's yummy....and although I usually enjoy guilty pleasures, it's nice to have a NON guilty one once in a while!