Friday, August 8, 2008

Tea Shop Mysteries

I haven't read Laura Childs'Tea Shop Mysteries, but they were recommended to me today by my friend Jennifer Flaten. She'd read and enjoyed "The Silver Needle Murder," the latest in the series. I did a "Search Through The Book" at Amazon and read the first couple pages. Though the book didn't jump right into the action, the stage was set with descriptions of Charleston, South Carolina. I'd like to read more. The teas sound intriguing, too, although my tea of choice in the summertime is Milo's calorie free iced tea. Yum. I discovered it recently and found it has all the taste without the work and calories of traditional iced tea.

Summertime is a wonderful time to sit on a front porch, look at beautiful scenery, drink iced tea and, basically, do nothing. The church above is Christ Church on St. Simons Island, Georgia. It's a beautiful little island; and if you haven't visited St. Simons and Jekyll Islands, you should do so if you get a chance. That's where my family went on vacation last year. I don't know how the tea mystery led me to iced tea and then to St. Simons; but if you can follow my skewed reasoning, I'll give you a funny anecdote from our trip.

Very near Christ Church was the home of author Eugenia Price. When we were there last year, it was for sale. With a price tag of $4.2 million, a realtor would've taken one look at us and said, "I don't think so." Especially since just two days before we left for vacation I'd fallen down our stairs and broken my tail bone and had my blue donut in the car. [eye roll] Anyhoo, me being me, I HAD to see that house. We found out what road it was on, and off we went...past the sign that said "Private Road"... past the "Keep Out" and "No Trespassing" signs. We drove to the gate. "I just HAVE to get a picture," I told my husband. "I know," he said with a sigh. I got out of the car and walked closer. It was getting dark, and this area was so swampy. There were live oaks everywhere. Pretty in the daylight, but rather spooky in the dark. I had a sudden vision of some caretaker "unleashing the hounds." With a squeak of fear, I got back into the car.

All night I cursed my cowardice. The next morning, I told Tim (my sweet husband), "We're going back to that house today." He said, "I know." At nine a.m., I figured the creepy caretaker wouldn't unleash the hounds, so we went back to the home of the late Eugenia Price. I got out of the car, quickly snapped a picture and got back into the car. We sped back down the driveway. I'd have put a picture of the house here, but my picture didn't turn out very well. For the most part, you can see live oak limbs.

So now I've gone from tea to trespassing. Ah, the joys of summer.


Marian Allen said...

I saw a set of these books in a tea shop in Louisville, Kentucky. They looked good, but I had already spent all my "mad" money on salad and sandwich and a wonderful raspberry mint iced tea.

My favorite tea is genmai cha, green tea with brown rice. Sounds yucky, doesn't it? But it's SOOOOOO good! A little sugar makes it heavenly.

Your trespassing story is too funny! It reminds me of.... But no, I think I'll save that for my Tuesday post. --grin--

zhadi said...

YOu broke your tailbone?! Oh, ouch... I've cracked mine a good one before, but broken?...

I love Peets Jasmine Downy Pearl green tea... and I think I"ll need to check out the books. And I can follow your skewed reasoning quite well, thank you!

zhadi said...

BTW, I'm reading THE MOURNING RING and loving it!

Gayle said...

Thank you, Dana. I'm glad you like the book. :-)