Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Food

The Olympics is winding down, Michael Phelps won his handful of medals and now he can bask in tons of endorsements.

I keep thinking of something I read - that for someone who's so fit and health-oriented, that the first thing he wanted when his events and training were over was fast food?

I confess that I love McDonald's and Burger King fish sandwiches. I don't eat them often anymore, but I still like them.

So the king of swimming says he likes fast food. He's normal - and lucky as he likely has a fantastic metabolism. I bet even when he's not doing monster workouts during training, he still burns it off. The rest of us look (or think of it) and gain.

Everyone gasped, of course. It seemed a sacrilege that someone so athletic admitted something that amounts to a secret sin. It's kind of funny actually. Even athletes have their sweet tooth or food indulgences. They're the best at what they do, but they're also a little fallible. It makes the rest of us feel a whole lot better.


Gayle said...

It sure does, Chris. Great post. Every time I see Phelps, I wonder how he keeps from looking pruny all the time. Maybe it's fat and carbs. ;-)

zhadi said...

I really get annoyed with people (models/actors/etc) who either talk about their no fat, no carb, no food diets or say 'I eat anything I want and don't worry about it because I have a great metabolism and eat french fries EVERY meal.'

Marian Allen said...

Michael Phelps won what?--RACES. So he eats what?--FAST FOOD. Makes sense to me. ;)

Chris V. said...

ha ha Marian very funny, er, punny! (or gayle is it pruney?) Hey zhadi, celebs can do it - fries then off to the lipo doc before dinner!