Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hush Puppies

My mother and I went to a wedding in Peru, Indiana this past weekend and ate at the Country Catfish Family Restaurant. The connection to fatality is that the food was so good we could have eaten ourselves to death on it! Catfish, sour cream and onion steak fries, fried OKRA and hush puppies that melt in your mouth. There was one left over and we took it back to the motel room and put it in the refrigerator. One left over. One. And two of us.

Fortunately, my mother and I really do love and like each other, so we both survived. I gave it to her, she offered to share, I declined and the crime was averted. But it could have been bad--bad. I can picture the cop turning away, face pale with shock. Then they would find the fragments of hush puppy and he would say, "Oh, yeah. I've eaten at the Country Catfish before. I understand." The survivor, if any, wouldn't even be charged.

Hush puppies, in case there's anyone reading this who thinks it's just a brand of shoe, are fried corn bread dumplings. But they can be so much more than that. Maybe a little chopped onion in there, maybe a little actual soft corn kernels. The ideal ones, like the ones at Country Catfish, are crispy-crunchy-brown outside and soft-tender-airy melt-in-your-mouth inside. The story goes that they were fried up to toss to the dogs to keep them quiet while the people ate fish or meat. Well, woof woof, I'm a dog. Gimme some of those hush puppies or I'll bite your leg.


Lisa Hall said...

The best hush puppies I've ever had were at this restaurant called Drunken Jacks in Murrell's Inlet. South Carolina. Theirs are tiny, and served with honey butter!

zhadi said...

My husband and I used to stop at this place called Calico Kitchen in whatever the topmost city in Texas is when driving cross-country. THeir catfish and hushpuppies were to die for...or to kill for!

Gayle said...

Man, now you all have got me wanting hush puppies!!!! :-)