Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me and My Chicken Feet

Okay, so I write this column for WorldWide Recipes called Culinary Chronicles. It's supposed to be a food history column, but keeping me on topic is like trying to herd cats. Somehow, I got onto dim sum, and I mentioned that one featured item on dim sum menus is chicken feet. Several readers wrote to me about how wonderful chicken feet are, boiled ones or fried ones or baked or roasted.

Then Southern Indiana Writers, of which I am a member, did a book signing down the street from a dim sum restaurant and, from the time we scheduled the signing, I was going on about how I was going to eat the chicken feet. Nobody believed me, but I insisted.

The evening came, we went to the restaurant, I looked at the picture on the menu--and I...er...chickened out.

We had another signing at the same venue, went to the same restaurant... and I chickened out again.

When we did a signing at ConGlomeration science fiction convention, there was a vendor selling buttons with sayings on them, and he would make one for you saying whatever (within reason) you wanted. I told him what I wanted my button to say. He said, "...Is this a religious thing?" "No." His second guess was Baba Yaga, a Russian folk figure who lives in a hut that has chicken legs and moves around the forest so you never know where it--and the witch--will be. I explained that it was an advertisement of my cowardice, and he made the button. I'm hoping to shame myself into eating a chicken foot some day. I'm assured I'll like it.


Gayle said...

I'd never heard of dim sun and would probably faint if I ever saw "chicken feet" on a menu! Sounds like a Fear Factor food to me! :-)

David Fitzgerald said...

If they were roasted up all nice and crunchy, I think I could give it a go... otherwise, not so much.

I will now refer to you as Baba...

zhadi said...

David is my boyfriend...I accidentally signed in under his account!

Donis Casey said...

I've eaten plenty of dim sum in my life, but never seen chicken feet on the menu. Other tongue/innards/male appendage-type things, though. Chinese gourmet food goes for the unusual. I'll not been indulging in chicken feet again in this lifetime, but I remember them as resembling chicken necks - bony and no meat to speak of.