Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hot Dog!

I sat down yesterday to have a hot dog, (I know, I know, not the healthiest thing, but I eat them very seldom) and this would be funny if not a strange coincidence.

There on an inside page was a story about Hot Dogs and Cancer.


The rumor/suspicions have floated around for years about a link to colon cancer. Yeah I know, just what you want to read about on a food-related site, right?

But the latest research says it's not true. I didn't check if the study was funded at all by hot dog or meat producers. But as these things usually go, give them a few weeks, a couple months, and the story will change somehow.

Maybe hot dogs will be considered good for you? Well, that may be going too far. (And all I can think of is that quote about hot dogs from the movie, "National Lampoon's Summer Vacation" with Chevy Chase. ha!)

The story did end on a high note - that in moderation, a hot dog here and there shouldn't be a problem. That's true with anything.

I've included some links to different recipes using hot dogs. And no, I don't think they were talking about Deep Fried Corn Dogs as anywhere near being a good idea. I like corn dogs but I'm not sure about that combination.

Hot Dog Recipes:

* Deep-Fried Corn Dogs
* Hot Dog Men
* (this one sounds good!) Creole Hot Dogs and Rice



zhadi said...

I love the kosher hotdogs they sell at Costco. I don't eat 'em very often, so good or bad, I don't care!

Donis Casey said...

I eat veggie dogs. They're better than nothing. However, if you want bad bad fried food, go to Scotland and have them fry you up a Snickers bar or a piece of cake.

Gayle said...

Unfortunately, I can't have hot dogs anymore. The nitrates give me migraines. :-(