Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Food Venues for Book Signings

If your book involves food, you have a whole slew of creative veneus for books signings. In fact, many of the places I'll mention may be appropriate, even if you are an author who has written a non-food book.
I have found that places where food is served tend to also be places where people are not in a hurry, want to linger, and will take the time browse through a book. Of all the places I am mentioning, not one has charged me to have a book signing, and most have given me free food!

Tea Rooms
I have a theory that people who like tea rooms also like to read. They tend to favor the relaxed, yet genteel atmosphere, that offers a respite from our fast-food, fast-paced lives. I think that it is this same type of personality that can appreciate the process of reading a good book, and waiting for the plot to unfold.
Coffee Houses
Usually have a younger crowd than tea rooms. This fun, relaxed atmosphere provides a place where people are open to chatting with you about your book.
Kitchen Shops
This isn't a typical place for a book signing, but one of my favorite signings was at a kitchen store. The store has weekly cooking demonstrations to highlight products that they sell. My table was set up right beside the food. People talked to me about my books while they ate.
Holiday Open Houses
May retail stores host special holiday shopping events, and provide refreshments. I like to be near the food, because that is where people congregate.

Hope this provides some ideas. Hey, even if you don't sell lots of books, you won't go hungry!
One word of warning, if you have some slightly damaged books, those are good ones to let people browse through. Food venues can lead to books with crumbs and greasy fingerprints on the pages. I let patrons look at the less-than-perfect copies, and sell the new copies.


Marian Allen said...

Lisa, thank you SO MUCH! What a great and useful post! I've forwarded it to my writing group. Naturally, I told them I came up with the ideas. NOT REALLY--I credited you. They send their thanks, as well. :)

Gayle said...

I'm thinking of getting some local bakeries/craft stores who do cake decorating classes to host an event for Murder Takes the Cake. I'm hoping I can sell books; they can have their decorator give a demonstration; and the shop wins all the way around! :-)

zhadi said...

These are excellent ideas, Lisa! I did a signing at a wine shop (I'm a wine club member there) and it was fun, but not the best venue. I love hte ideas of tea shops and coffee houses...

Donis Casey said...

What a bunch of good ideas!