Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Five Men, 3 Days... I'm Going to be so Tired!

Okay, get your minds out of the gutter! I will be entertaining four men in my house for the next three days, but my husband will be around. No, no...not that either!
We live close to Bristol, which may not mean anything to you, unless you follow NASCAR Racing. My husband works for a company that is headquartered in Little Rock. When racing came up at a meeting, and some guys found out how close we are to the track, plans were made. So, this weekend, we will have 5 guests from Little Rock and beyond on Friday evening and 4 until Sunday morning.
Since I have always fantasized about having a little bed and breakfast, I'm thinking of the weekend as such.
My husband is so much better at cleaning than I am. He's in charge of that, which is leaving me time to cook. I hope to give these men some true Southern Hospitality, and as Paula Deen (my favorite Southern cook and celebrity) says "Put some South in your mouth!"
Friday night's dinner is the big meal. Here is the menu that I have planned. I'll include some recipes in future posts.

Friday night dinner:

barbecued babyback ribs

peel-and-eat Cajun shrimp with cocktail sauce

7-layer salad

pimento and green chile cornbread


baked potatoes

banana pudding

toffee brownies

I also have plans to serve breakfast casseroles, country ham, biscuits, bakery muffins, and fruit in the mornings.
Before the men leave for the race on Saturday, I plan to do a taco bar, chips, salsa, and guacamole.
This would all be so "Stepford" of me, except that I get tremendous pleasure from pulling things like this off, and I have no plans of attempting this while wearing June Cleaver pearls. Wish me luck!


Marian Allen said...

Luck, girl! Wear the pearls, but not the heels.

I know what you mean about the cooking not being a burden--you get into the zone and somebody has to hold you back before your guests founder on the bounty.

Oh, man, I could do some serious damage to those ribs, especially if they're gooey. You do make your barbecue ribs gooey, don't you? Say you don't make dry barbecue....

Gayle said...

While I don't envy you your house full of company for the weekend, we live in Bristol and would be happy -- since it's you, of course -- to taste test the meals. :-) Okay, seriously though, don't overdo and stress out the baby! Take care of yourself as well as you take care of your guests. - Mother Hen signing off now

zhadi said...

Hey, if you have the menfolk do the cleaning, it's not Stepford to do the cooking at all! I'm all for such equitable division of labor.

I want the cajun shrimp. Now. RIGHT now. That sounds unbelievably good, especially with a cold Mackeson's beer... drool...

Hopefully the testosterone levels won't get out of hand...

Lisa Hall said...

Marian, my ribs are gooey and sticky! I add honey to my sauce. They are messy, but good.

Gayle, good luck with the Bristol traffic! Me and the baby will be taking lots of breaks during all this. Next two nights, it's pizza, no cooking!

Zhadi, I'll be sure to post the shrimp recipe sometime. I love it, because the shrimp have never overcooked and gotten tough.