Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why I had bread and goat cheese tonight

Chocolat. Joanne Harris has a LOT to answer for. In her wonderful, lyrical novel about a self-described witch changing the lives of the people in a small French town, she never stops talking about food. The chocolate descriptions are bad enough - I doubled my hot chocolate intake during and after I finished it, visited See's Candy one day, had dark chocolate gelato another, and just didn't worry about the extra calories.

The meal in the book that stood out the most, however, was a simple supper of warm baguette, goat cheese, olives and fresh peaches, accompanied by a crisp Pinot Grigio. I mean...yum! Simple and delicious. I've been thinking about this meal for three days..and finally decided to recreate it with my own twists. We had a Pain Rustique in the freezer (leftover from our gumbo party), so I thawed it overnight, wrapped it in foil and put it in the oven for an hour on low heat. We got a small log of herb and garlic goat cheese at a local market, along with an avocado and Geneva cookies by Pepperidge Farms. I mixed some balsamic vinegar and freshly ground pepper in a small bowl of olive oil, pulled out some leftover smoked salmon, sliced a couple of fresh peaches, cracked a bottle of Kennedy zinfandel, put it all on the coffee table and had a lovely, simple dinner. Dessert was Geneva cookies and more wine. We still have most of the loaf of bread left, along with goat cheese, and a bunch more peaches, so I think a repeat of tonight's dinner will probably be on the menu for tomorrow.

My sister just brought me a copy of THE GIRL WITH NO SHADOW, Joanne Harris's sequel to CHOCOLAT. I realize I'm doomed. Oh well. Denial isn't good for the soul and I really don't want to be on my death bed thinking of all the things I wish I'd done...and eaten.


Marian Allen said...

Oh, my dear lord, you've got me drooling, and I'm in the front window of the county library! Local peaches are in full spate, and we got some at the farmer's market Saturday and have been slurping our way through them since. My husband, who is the most generous, selfless man on earth--the Dalai Lama should call him for advice--told me that if his best friend comes to hide the peaches because we only have two left!

Of course, CHOCOLAT makes me drool over more than the food.... Johnny Depp....

I loved the movie and I loved the book even more. Thanks for posting about the sequel--I didn't know there was one.

My husband loves a meal of fresh fruit, fresh bread, cheese and Chianti (hold the liver and fava beans, please).

CHRIS V ALERT-- Chris has a wonderful flash fiction piece in today's Flashshot! Check it out:

zhadi said...

Quick, give Marian a drool bucket! :-)

The sequel so far is really good... it was recommended by my best friend as even BETTER than the we shall see!

I love what they call a peasant's meal... fresh fruit, fresh bread, cheese and wine. The peasants know how to live it up!!

Gayle said...

I'm with you guys on the meal. It sounds wonderful.