Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Honey has always been a treat for me. I love it spread on toast, slathered on a biscuit, or stirred into cornbread batter. Because my dad never seemed to have the willpower to pass up a produce stand without buying honey, it was a staple of my childnood.

I too, love to buy honey, and I always try to buy it locally. There are two local favorites that I want to mention. The first is Dana's Honey Sales. I first met this adorable husband and wife team at The Apple Festival in Erwin, TN. They have several varieties of honey, made from various flowers. Right now, I have jars of their star thistle and thistle and goldenrod. They also sell honey sticks, which are sort of like Pixie Sticks, fillled with honey. If you attend a festival in Northeast TN or Southwest VA, chances are, you will see a table for Dana's Honey Sales. This couple has an amazing passion for what they do and a vast knowledge base about honey and its many uses.Here is their information:

Dana's Honey Sales
Lebanon, VA 24266

The second vendor I want to mention is Honeyberry Farm. Earlier this week, I signed books at The Virginia Highlands Festival. I was seated across from their booth, and was amazed at all of the unique products. I sampled some of their Rosemary Balsamic Honey Jelly, and was sold. This is a delightful, award-winning blend of sweet, tangy, and woodsy. It is so good mixed with cream cheese and spread on a bagle. I cannot wait to try this as a glaze for chicken, pork, or baby carrots. Here is their site:

If you haven't seen it, a really great movie about a bee keeper is Ulee's Gold, starring Peter Fonda! It would be great to watch while drinking a steaming cup of tea sweetened with honey. I learned so much about honey making just from this movie.


Marian Allen said...

Honey ice cream is DIVINE!

My husband and I used to keep bees, but the poor li'l suckers had the most appalling luck! If it wasn't Verroa mites, it was the queen deserting. Robber bees attacked the hive and I'm telling you it looked like the climax of Lord of the Rings out there. We finally gave all our equipment to a friend, and the next winter a storm took a tree down right across where we had had the hive.

Our friend gives us honey, by the way. Wheeee! Our favorite is the real pale early spring honey that comes from tulip poplar blooms.

zhadi said...

I had a taste of honey and lavendar gelato the other day that just about knocked my socks off. The kid serving the gelato got a big grin on his face at my ecstatic expression when the flavors hit my taste buds.

I LOVE honey... there was a vendor in Michigan that sold at the Ren Faire and my adored ex loved the stuff, expecially the spiced and the starthistle. I still order jars for him as presents.

Gayle said...

One, I have to fuss at you, Lisa. You were at the Virginia Highlands Festival and didn't e-mail me in advance?! I'd have come to see you! I'd have even brought you a snack and a cold drink of water. Don't forget I'm in Bristol the next time you do a local event. Okay, I'm through fussing now.

I didn't know honey differed depending on what plants the bees pollinate. It does makes sense, though. I DID hear that if you have allergies, honey will help. It gives you little doses of the plants that bother you so that they don't bother you. ??

Can you guys tell from this post that my brain is mush this week? I should do a PSA: This is your brain on HTML. LOL!

Marian Allen said...

What are you htmling, Gayle? I've been doing updates for my web site, which I'll upload Aug 1. I'm in the long, slow process of moving all my site files to my blog site, which also takes some html, but not as much.

Gayle said...

I've been updating my web page as per Sue Caskey's suggestions. It has become a friendlier, more book-related site.

Gayle said...

By the way, Marian, have you read The Secret Life of Bees? Terrific book.

Marian Allen said...

I haven't read The Secret Life of Bees, although I've had it recommended to me often and have been meaning to read it for years! Thanks for the reminder. :)

Marian Allen said...
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