Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Scream, You Scream....

Being kids, my characters, Sam and Lita in my book, Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery, do their share of snacking. But as the book is set in summer, their favorite has to be ice cream. (And they're not alone; there are actually other mysteries that involve ice cream. See list at bottom.)

While the girls stick to the conventional summer treat - a sundae cone and a bowl of strawberry or vanilla ice cream topped with sliced fruit and whipped topping - ice cream lovers have scores of unique flavors to choose from. But while I prefer chocolate (is there any other flavor?) and like jamoca or coffee as a close second, you may be surprised at what comes in number one on people's taste buds. (See trivia quiz below).

If you want even more flavor, then homemade ice cream is a treat that is perfect not only in summer, but a fun activity for the family.

How about a Coconut-Avocado Ice Cream? (I'm not sure about that one.) Or a Tart Lemon or Rocky Road? See for ice cream, sherbet and other recipes, plus tips and videos on ice cream making.

Ice Cream Facts

For fun, see if you can guess the answers to these trivia questions from Send Ice (See answers below).

* What is the top ice cream flavor? (You may be surprised!)

* How much ice cream does the average person eat in a year?

* Which state produces the most ice cream?

Mysteries with Ice Cream

Here are a few mystery books I found mentioning ice cream.

Kids' Books:
Boxcar Children #94 - The Ice Cream Mystery

Boxcar Children, The Chocolate Sundae Mystery

Nancy Drew and the Ski Slope Mystery (excerpt online)

The Mystery of the Straight Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Escapade

Heaven's Prisoners, James Lee Burke

Quiz Answers -
(No it's not chocolate; it's vanilla!)
(Average is 22.3 quarts, but check the other totals on the site!)

* Know of any other mysteries or novels mentioning or which involve ice cream? Feel free to share!


Gayle said...

Two of my favorite ice creams are Moose Tracks and chocolate chip mint. As for ice cream mysteries, here's another one: Murder at the Ice Cream Parlor, by Carol Guy and Linda Zimmer.

zhadi said... favorite ice cream is the darkest possible chocolate gelato...

And I have to wonder if the reason vanilla is the most popular is because it's the one people buy to go with cake and pie. The most food friendly ice cream.

Gayle said...

I thought about that, too, Dana. Great minds.... ;-)