Friday, July 18, 2008

A Cool Cake From Start to Finish

Check out this clip:

See how long it takes you to figure out what he's making. No cheating!

This is so neat. I've been swamped with Murder Takes the Cake this week, so it was only fitting that my post be about cake decorating.

Sorry to be so brief. I'll try to do better next week.


zhadi said...

I had NO idea till the last minute and at first I thought...firelogs? Heh. So what was the white stuff he put over the frosted cake to give it the smooth finish before painting? Amazing how easy he made it look...and I wonder what happened to all the 'trimmings?'!

Gayle said...

The white stuff is fondant. And I wondered what he did with the "trimmings" too. Lots of cake groups have recipes for cake balls using cake trimmings.

And btw, I thought it was going to be a car! LOL!