Thursday, July 24, 2008

Childhood Foods

I almost forget today was my day to post!

An entry a few days ago got me thinking about foods we ate when we were growing up.

Everyone has a special food that just the smell, or thought of it, takes them straight back to their childhood and growing up years.

Thinking on it, I now wonder about some of the things we ate. One oddity immediately comes to mind - Fried Onion Sandwiches. Yes, you read that right.

I remember dad cooking up the onions in a frying pan. They were nicely browned and we liked them! We weren't poor. Dad was a city laborer and made good money for the time. We were never hungry. I'd imagine things were sometimes tight as with any parents raising kids in the 50s and 60s. I don't know where that particular food idea came from or why. I know we ate them and thought nothing of it. These days, I tend not to eat onions as they don't agree with me. Or is it psychological? ha!

Mom's Macaroni

Maybe the onion sandwiches were a guy thing; you know, a fast, "easy" solution to feeding the kids. Moms, of course, have a better idea of what constitutes a meal.

A better tasting dish was mom's macaroni. I forgot the exact name we had for it, but it's a simple recipe: brown ground beef, some onions for flavor, and cook elbow macaroni. When done, mix together with chopped whole tomatoes. Add seasoning. Parmesan cheese is optional. I remmeber another version where you melted mozzarella cheese and mixed it together. We loved this dish! Good and easy to make. It was cheap, too. Today you can substitute ground turkey or other ground beef.

Another favorite was simple Mac and Cheese from the box. Maybe not "health" food, but who can resist?

Anyone else have any food favorites that they remember growing up with? Or how about your own family's food "oddities?"


zhadi said...

Mom's macaroni sounds much better than most recipes...very Italian rather than Mac'n'cheese, which I've never been fond of...

Tacos were a big family childhood favorite, with fried up flour tortillas, lettuce, tomato, ground beef and cheese. Yummmmy!

Chris V. said...

Yeah I know it sounds better than dad's onion sandwiches. ha!

Marian Allen said...

Your mom's special mac and cheese sounds like something my family used to make, called Chili Mac. I loathed it as a child, but love it now.

Something nobody but my family eats around here--that I know of--is milk soup. Since I've been on the 'net, I've found a lot of people who eat it, but I thought it was peculiar to my family when I was growing up. It's just hot milk and chopped leftover spaghetti with butter, salt and pepper, and saltine crackers crumbled up in it. Sounds BO-ring, but it's a real comfort food, and guaranteed to put you to sleep. lol

zhadi said...

Good lord, Marian, that sounds about as sophoric as you could want!

Doris said...

This makes me hungry! My mom's mac and cheese had this crust of chips on top. Sounds vile, but it was so good! I also loved her meatballs. She didn't make those huge ones, but small ones that were "mouth poppable" they were so yummy!

I've gained 5 pounds just reading this!