Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adriana Trigiana.....Love Her!

One of the topics that came up during Open Mic Night was how meeting an author can affect the way we feel about their book. Well, one author immediately came to my mind. Unfortunately, the line to meet her was so long that I did not get my face time with her, but that still did not cause her to make any less of an mpression on me.
Adriana Trigiani is my very favorite author. A couple of years ago, she came to a Barnes & Noble in my area. This was a huge happening, because Adriana grew up in our region. A while before she arrive, I bought her new book, which earned me a number to have a spot in line. There were hundreds of people in line, and I was somewhere near the middle.
Adriana breezed in, right on time, with her assistant and her mother. Her mother was a tiny little lady, wearing a cute beret. Adriana was dressed in sweats, and her jet black curls were pulled up in pigtails.
Immediately, Adriana proved that she is as funny and unpretentious as her writing suggests. She introduced her cohorts, talked about her newest book, told plans for future books, and joked with the crowd.
As large as the crowd was, Trigiani really spent time with each person who came to her table. She answered questions and posed for photos with anyone who had a camera. When someone from her hometown came through, she'd say "Hey everyone, this is so-and-so, the prettiest cheeleader in Big Stone Gap" or "This was my high school math teacher."
Her tone transferred to the patrons waiting in line. Lines, especially during the Christmas shopping season, as this was, tend to bring out the worst in people. At this event, we had a ball waiting in line. Adriana's assistant walked through the crowd, chatting and giving t-shirts to special customers, such as an elderly couple who were celebrating an anniversary that night.
By about 10:30, I was still some distance away from Trigiana, and my child was with a babysitter. I made the decision to leave, rather than wait another hour or so. A nice college student waiting in line behind me offered to have my book signed and meet me in town with it the next day. As sweet as that was, I declined, because I would have felt bad having her run around town on my account.
The next day, something really awesome happened. Trigiana posted a note on her site that if anyone who didn't get their book signed sent a SASE, her assistant would send a signed book plate. I sent the envelope, and she sent to book plate.
If you haven't read Adriana Trigiani, I urge you to do so. She is a fantastic writer and obvious foodie. Her books describe foods characterstic of the mountain south where she grew up. As an Italian-American, she also tells of great Italian specialties. Trigiani's words make me laugh, and make my mouth water. Further evidence that she's a true foodie is her cookbook, Cooking with My Sisters. If you get an opportunity to meet her, by all means, do it. Just plan to wait in line, and have a good time!


zhadi said...

It's amazing the difference an author's personality can have on my opinion of their book... if I don't like someone, it's hard to get into their writing, even if it's good. This woman sounds great and her books...mouthwatering!

Gayle said...

I'm almost ashamed to admit that even though I'm a Southwest Virginian, I have never read AT's books. I'm definitely adding her to my wish list. Thanks for the terrific post, Lisa.