Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Dog's Dinner and Asparagus

We didn't really eat the dog's dinner. We don't even have a dog. The first time Mom and I ever saw risotto, we thought it looked like the dog's dinner (a big mess o' Stuff), and that's what we called it ever since.

But it's risotto, and it's delicious.

Traditional Italian risotto. By Lundberg. 

ANYWAY, I made it. Not bad. Home made is better. I also made roast asparagus and fried tilapia.

Asparagus: break off the tough ends. You could save them and cook them to flavor a soup and then throw them away, or you could just throw them away. Meh. Toss the nice bits in olive oil and seasoned salt and put them in a baking pan in a single layer, separated from each other so they don't steam. Bake them at 350 for about 20 minutes, turning once. Cook them longer, if you like them crispier on the ends.

Tilapia: I don't always do Tilapia the same way. This time, I buttered one side of the frozen filet and put it in a pan of hot vegan margarine. sprinkled the top with salt and pressed crumbled celery and parsley on top. Cook at medium heat for 7 minutes, flip, and cook for another 7 minutes. This cooks it through from frozen, people! So convenient! So fast! So delicious!

Naturally, I put cheese on the asparagus, because dairy is my shameful addiction.

I'm posting at my own blog today about another meal with different rice, different protein, same asparagus.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Roast Almonds a la Oregon

Charlie went to the grocery alone. I asked him to get me some almonds because blah blah blah, meaning roasted almonds, and he came back with raw almonds.

So I roasted them. Not difficult and WOW! SO GOOD!

Before I undertook what was, to me, a daunting task, I scoured the internet for directions. I was drawn to this one because it claimed it was easy AND good, and that was a good choice. So head on over to An Oregon Cottage and find out how it's done.
I only flavored them with salt, but it would be just as easy to mix in some sugar or honey or chili powder or whatever.

Seriously good! Thank you, Oregon!

I'm posting at my own blog today about some slow cooker ribs we had for Mother's Day.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Pea Salad in a Hurry

Two of us went to the grocery and we, collectively and individually, forgot to get the lettuce.  It's been in the eighties here--WE WANT COLD SALAD!

And, you know, golly-gosh forbid that we should make a special trip to get some. Them mules will only hitch up to the buckboard a certain number of times a week. Them mules is unionized.

ANYWAY, I had some canned peas, and I had some old church recipe books, and I had my imagination, so I made this salad. If you don't eat meat, or specifically don't eat pork, leave the bacon bits out or substitute fake ones made from turkey or chemistry or something.
I was supposed to use frozen peas and cubes of cheddar cheese, but I had canned peas and Velveeta, so I went full-bore '50s Midwestern on it's ass. Peas, cubed cheese, bacon bits, onion powder, and Ranch dressing. I think it would have been even better with chopped hard-boiled egg, but I was in a hurry.

We both liked it, and it hit the spot that wanted some cold salad in it.

Today is grocery day, and what do you bet we remember the lettuce?

Today is also the last Tuesday of May, so it's the last Tuesday this year I'll write and post a free short story at my blog. Today's is "The Dessert that Failed".

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lazybutt Pizzanated Cauliflower #Vegetarian could be #Vegan

This isn't cauliflower pizza: You don't make a "crust" out of cauliflower that you've thised and thated. This is honest-to-pete lazybutt cooking.

Yeah. So, cut the core and leaves from a head of cauliflower. John the Baptist it (put the head on a plate) and cover it with a bowl. Microwave it for 6 minutes on high. Let it cool under that bowl.

Cut off some florets and cut them in half or into slices. Put them, cut side down, onto a greased baking sheet. Spoon pizza sauce over them and put on whatever toppings you want. We used olives and cheese (would have used vegan cheese, if we could get it back here in gawd's cuhntry).

Bake until the cheese melts. If the cauliflower has been refrigerated, head the florets up before you top them and bake them.

Dang good!

I'm still doing Story A Day May, so there's a new story on my blog, as there is every day in May.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Vegan Deliciousness

So, this happened:
I put some baby carrots and celery and onion powder ('cause I didn't have any onions) and vegetable bouillon in the Instant Pot and cooked 'em for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I tossed Brussels sprout halves in olive oil and seasoned salt and roasted them at 425 until they browned up.

Was it good? I'll say! Would have been better with some sweet onions, but you can't have everything. Well, you can, but I couldn't, 'cause I didn't.

I'm posting a Story A Day May story at my blog today called "Chocolate."

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A Springtime Feast #Vegetarian Could Be #Vegan

The only thing that makes this non-vegan is the lumps of feta cheese on it, and those could be replaced by a vegan cheese, or just left off.

That's baked sweet potato and pan-roasted asparagus spears topped with toasted almonds and lumps of feta cheese. That's vegan margarine melting on the sweet potatoes.

Um, yum!

I'm doing Story A Day May again this year, and today's story is about The Strangest Food You've Ever Eaten.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Leftovers On Leftovers

As I posted on my blog this morning, I made lazy day chicken pot pie out of a can of mixed veg and a can of cream of chicken soup. That made too much filling for our two personal pies, so I used it the next day, putting it over halves of leftover baked potato.
Plenty of pepper. Mmmmmmm.

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